Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Preparing for the Christmas Karaoke Concert

This year, with First, Second and Third-Year students, we have dedicated some English lessons to preparing for the school karaoke concert, which will be held in the School Hall on 23rd December. Our conversation assistant, Sinéad Corrigan, has been of invaluable help for this project: she thought of some exercises for each song and helped the students tirelessly with the lyrics. Thank you very much Sinéad and Happy Christmas from all of us!!! We'll tell you all about the concert and make a recording of it so that you can see it from Ireland!!!

In the photo you can see the students in class 3ESO B in one of their rehearsals.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Recipe Project with Third Year Students

Over the last two weeks, the third year students have been taking part in a food project. The project has involved learning cooking vocabulary, creating a Prezi presentation in groups about a dish, including the ingredients needed, the cooking utensils required, the recipe and a video showing the cooking procedure step by step. But perhaps the best part of all has been tasting the final results of the students' work! The conclusion that we can draw is that the third year students are not only good at English, but also excellent cooks! Sinéad, our conversation assistant, was very impressed with them all!
Here are some photos that were taken today. If you want to see more, make sure you visit our blog over the next few days!

Two Princep de Girona students get a grant to study at the British Council

Mª Victoria Torres and Alex Francisco were two of the lucky twenty-five first-year Batxillerat students from secondary schools in Barcelona and the surrounding area to be given grants to study at the British Council. They received the grants thanks to their interest in the English language and their hard work. As a result, they will be studying at the British Council's Young Learners Centre in Vendrell Street for at least the coming academic year.  Having done a level test today,we all hope that they enjoy the experience and take advantage of it! 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Friends short video ESL

Joey (From Friends TV series) Learning English

Joey (a native English speaker) follows a beautiful woman into a beginner’s ESL class (English as a Second Language), and tells the teacher he is in the right place. Trying to impress the girl, he competes with beginning English learners to prove that his English is the best. This video is an excellent chance to test your English with one of America’s best TV shows, and show you the value of learning English with TV shows and movies!
Vocab Guide:
  • Accent: a mode of pronunciation 
  • Sure: certain
  • Right place: The correct location
  • Gold Star: A symbolic reward for merit
  • Pick it up where Renata left off“: Start where Renata Stopped.
  • Tough = (pronounced “tuff”) difficult
Note: the girl pronounces “tough” wrong (she says “tug”). Joey explains to her that “gh” words have an “f” sound (i.e. “tough,” “rough,” “laugh”) Remember that this does not apply to all words (i.e. “tonight”)
  • The Subjunctive Tense: a simple grammar rule that native speakers frequently confuse. We often incorrectly say “If I was,” when the correct answer is “if I were.” 
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Monday, 1 December 2014

A job with a difference!

Looking for an unusual job? Curious about people's lives? Keen to avoid routine? Then this job could be the job for you! Click on the link and find out.