Thursday, 19 November 2015

Composition Time

Our 3ESO students visited Catalunya Radio station and one of them, Inés, wrote a report on the event:

A day at Catalunya Radio

On Thursday 12th of November the students of 3rd ESO went to Catalunya Radio to find out how the radio works.
We went by bus, taking the H8. We arrived there at 10:15h. First of all, the students ate our breakfast outside the building.
Once we were inside, the first thing we did was go through security control.
Then we entered a reception where a girl explained to them what the visit was going to be about and gave them a brief introduction.
Then we visited the facilities of the radio station, where there were people working. We saw many studios and some people recording a radio program.
The girl explained the characteristics of the studios: We have two windows and double glazing to soundproof the room and the floor is covered with a carpet to improve the sound quality. Some of the rooms have double doors for the same reason.
Once the visit finished, some students had the oportunity to record a radio program like  professionals.
Finally, we returned to the school having spent a great day.


Monday, 2 November 2015

Príncep de Girona students display their Halloween style... and their work!

Take a look at our Halloween photo album. Our students invented Halloween stories in groups and dressed up in the appropriate costumes for their roles. And here are the results! You can also see some of them in action in a short video of the event.