Friday, 27 February 2015

You can see 2nd ESO Students talking about their families. It was great!!!
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Thursday, 12 February 2015


This week, our ESO students have been working on Saint Valentine's day. They've learnt about its origins, how people used to celebrate it in the past and how people celebrate it today. They have even shown their creative side by writing their own poems about love and friendship. All this, with the inestimable help of our conversation assistant, Sinéad Corrigan. Here are some photos of the sessions and of the students work:


Sunday, 1 February 2015

The concert as seen by our students

The rock and pop concert was a great success. Here are four reports that give a good account of the event:

On the 20th of January, at 12 o’clock, two teachers from ‘Escola Oficial d'Idiomes’, Barbara Latham and Josep Suller, who have a band called ‘Sing along’, gave a concert in the assembly hall at our school for all the third and fourth year students.
Everyone was sitting down in the assembly hall. The students could sing classic, modern pop and rock songs with them from their seats or on the stage. Everybody was excited and happy because it was fun.
The concert was awesome! In my opinion, the singers were very talented. I hope that they come to my school next year because I would like to hear them again.


Sing-along Project.

 Last Tuesday 20th a boy and a woman came to our school to sing songs. The woman sang and the boy played the guitar. The woman (the singer) was older than the boy. At 10.30a.m. we went to the assembly room. There were also students from 1st ESO.

 First of all, they introduced themselves. They were very lovely. They sang songs like Hey Brother, Rude, Happy, songs by Queen, Maroon 5… At the same time we sang songs from our seats and then we went on stage with the singer. The teachers (English teachers) sang a song by Police too. My friends and classmates went on the stage and sang a song by Maroon 5.

What I liked the most that morning were the songs. We had a great time. Next year I would like to repeat the experience because I loved it.                                                                       Inés Campos Marín                                                                      2 ESO A

The concert

The concert of last Tuesday was so good, because we had never had  anything  similar before. We spent a great hour singing different songs, all the time we had this couple who drove us out to sing and had a great time. All we were so excited all the time. We are keen on repeating the experience as it was something different that we had never done.

We sang a lot of different songs, and for me it was a perfect, because we went to sing with our friends and the microphones... And these people sang and played the guitar so well.

I think that all the people there spent a good time, I hope that the next year we can repeat this experience.

                                                                                            Laura Ibáñez 4 ESO A

All about the concert

Last Tuesday 20th January, 2015 at half past ten, there was an English karaoke concert with Barbara and Joseph.

The songs were very lively. They were pop and rock songs. Joseph was the guitarist and Barbara the singer. In the songs, between 2-6 boys or girls went to sing songs on the microphones.

I sang three songs: Happy by Pharrell Williams, Hey brother by Avicii and the Final Countdown by Europe. In the songs, Barbara sang with other boys or girls. It was fantastic.

I’m going to sing these songs in my house and I wish they will repeat this Karaoke concert in the school next year again!!!

Eric Garcia Pizarro

Film quiz answers

Here are the answers to our quiz about the transalation of Hollywood film titles into Spanish. How many did you get right?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles   Ninja Turtles 

Gone Girl   Perdida 

Dumb And Dumber To   Dos Tontos Todavía Más Tontos   

Fury   Corazones De Acero   

Horrible Bosses 2   Cómo Acabar Sin Tu Jefe 2