Sunday, 4 November 2018

Arts and Crafts in English for Halloween

Ghosts made from balloons and leaves, spider webs made from polythene bags, bats and spiders that are the result of nice origami work, paper pumpkins on the windows... ! This is what our students were able to come up with, to prepare for one of the Celtic / Anglo-Saxon traditions they like best: HALLOWEEN. Our English lessons were transformed into Art lessons and we decorated our classrooms for the occasion. Some of the students even dressed up!

Here is the result of our display... a really nice and spooky atmosphere at the Príncep de Girona!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Our third English Week!

T H E   E N G L I S H  W E E K 

The English Week Takes Place In Our School !

The English week finally arrived at the Institut Príncep de Girona this year. We set up a perfect scenario: a red carpet that led to our auditorium so that everyone got to feel like a superstar. 

The roof was filled with old film strips and there was a project to get you in the mood of watching a movie. We had a live performance where our amazing singing skills were very clear. Besides singing in a Karaoke we dared to dance a little: cowboy dancing was amazing... but clearly not for everyone. We all ended up dancing as if we were wearing boots, teachers included. 

The movie theme was also at the entrance hall. Huge posters were all over the walls as if we had entered a cinema. It almost felt as if culture and joy was all around us. And the very best part: we talked about TV shows with an expert of cinema and series! If it had been an exam, I bet we could have easily win. 

During this week, we got to participate in very fun activities such as dancing, talking about things we like and singing. Also, the school turned into a cute and familiar cinema place where you could enjoy everyday surrounded by the essence of culture. 

                                                                                        Ona Segura
2nd A Batxillerat 

English Week 2018

 3rd Eso Great English Week !

                                                          3rd Eso

                                                                 the English teacher 

                                                   Esperanza with her students

                                                 Bollywood teacher

                                          4th Eso students 2018  

                              2nd Eso students 2018  ** Bollywood

                                  3rd Eso students 2018  ** Dancing swing

                                                         1st Eso students 2018   

                                           3rd Eso students 2018  ** Dancing

                           1st Eso students 2018  ** Theatre workshop 


                                            2nd Eso students 2018  

E N G L I S H   W E E K   V I D E O S

V I D E O S   E N G L I S H  W E E K