Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Have a nice Halloween!

The students of 4th ESO have written some horror stories and we want to share one of them with you.

HALLOWEEN STORY by Luís Ferreiro
It all happened many years ago in a remote town in the Catalan mountains. The town was little more than a small square with a church, a park, a prison and a school.

It was the morning of Halloween. When the class was preparing the Halloween decorations and listening to the radio, the weather forecast was interrupted by a piece of news.

The news warned that a murderer had escaped from the local prison and he was very dangerous. The teachers were advised to lock the doors and the windows of the classroom.

The teacher told the class to stay in calm and she went around closing every window. A girl asked to her if she could go to the toilet, but the teacher didn’t want it. The girl insisted and finally the teacher relented. To know that it was the girl coming back, she would do “tap, tap, scratch, scratch”.

After a few minutes a sound was heard on the door. It was: “tap, tap, scratch, scratch”. The teacher opened the door and there she saw a big man with a knife on his left hand and the head of the girl on his right hand.

The teacher ran away and she could escape, but when the police arrived there the man was in the middle of the class and the floor and the walls were covered of blood.

Nowadays the teacher is in a psychiatric centre and she always does: “tap, tap, scratch, scratch”.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


A new academic year has started and, with it, a couple of new faces have arrived in the English Department. We are very pleased to be able to give a warm welcome to the two new English teachers, Fatima Trisan and Marta Palau. No doubt they will enjoy working with the students at Príncep de Girona School and they will help them to progress with their English. A big welcome from everybody!