Thursday, 21 January 2016

Getting ready for the ENGLISH WEEK!

At last! Next week is the big week: THE ENGLISH WEEK! We are all excited about it and we are decorating the school. Each level has been working on a different English speaking country: 1ESO has specialised in the United Kingdom, the second-year-students have been working on Canada, 3ESO has been dealing with Australia and 4ESO with the USA. Finally, the 1BAT students have focused on New Zealand. What have they been doing? They have been searching for information about the country, giving a class presentation, filming a video and making posters. Everything is ready now for next week. And what have we got for next week? Workshops on Scottish dancing and bagpipe playing, story-telling sessions, quizzes, conferences and pop/rock Karaoke concerts!!! We can't wait for the big week to start!!!

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