Monday, 25 April 2016

The Tree of Wisdom

What makes us wise? What is wisdom? What wise advice can we give to each other? This year, as part of the students’ tasks for Saint George’s day, all the ESO students were asked to participate in the display of a big mural entitled “The Tree of Wisdom”. What was their contribution? The students wrote their ideas on some colourful leaves to complete this magnificent tree! All this was carried out under the supervision of our artistic speaking assistant, Adnan Rawi, who also prepared the background and painted the trunk of the tree. Thank you so much, Adnan!

Here is the result of such a great piece of art, with photos of the students from different groups, as they came down to the school hall to leave their contribution on the wall.

In the making: Adnan and Zulema in action!

Carmen and Sonia helped with the title!

3ESOB students and their leaves

  2ESO acollida


 The final result!
 Some leaves in detail

   2ESO K

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